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A.R.P.U. – which stands for ‘average revenue per user’ – is a short dystopian film inspired by the Netflix documentary ‘The Great Hack’ and the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The film explores our relationship with our online data, and what could happen when we give it away so freely.

Maeve Fairfeld is a woman who seems to balance it all; the loving family, the wonderful home and the successful career. That is, until the day Mr Jones knocks on her door. An employee of Tekhnes, he is here to call in a debt.


As a dangerous game of cat and mouse ensues, it becomes terrifyingly clear that Tekhnes may know Maeve’s world better than she does.  A cautionary tale of data points, privacy and ownership, A.R.P.U. may make you wish you’d read those terms and conditions after all…

In a world where data is our only currency, a career-driven young mother is forced to fight for her way of life when a global tech giant comes to claim a debt.

Read an interview about the ideas behind A.R.P.U. and how the film was made


with Big Picture Film Club


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